corporate profile

corporate profile

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Asae Hanaoka

Asae Hanaoka / Director

Asae came to Thailand in 2001 and she has been the center of eavam manufacturing over the years. As a representative of the company, she has been devoting herself to the production of safe, organic cosmetics. Cold processed soaps and Argan cream are key examples of her work. She has also been a contemporary dancer, writer and an editor. She has been and will continue to be a fountain of inspiration for eavam.


eavamのものづくりの要 花岡は、2001年に渡タイ。当地にて製造メーカーの代表を務めながら、オリジナルレシピのコールドプロセス石鹸やクリームをはじめ、素材と安全性に拘ったさまざまな基礎化粧品を開発。日本、ネパール、インド、モロッコ、そしてチェンマイと各国を巡りながら、自身の深い知識と身体感覚に基づいた製品づくりを追求。またコンテンポラリーダンサーとして、テキストを紡ぐ文筆家、編集者としての顔を持ち、その存在はeavamのインスピレーションの泉であり続けています。

Kesani Baiwut

Kesani Baiwut (Jack) / Manager

Jack has been a member of the company since its inception in Naiad Thailand. Jack is the manager of our manufacturing activities and is extremely knowledgeable about the manufacturing processes of our products including cold processing of soaps, creams, and Ghassoul refinement. While her nickname might bring to mind an image of a man, our Jack is a gentle woman who is passionate about delicate and beautiful things. However, when it comes down to business she shows strong determination and bold thinking. Jack is the cornerstone of eavam products manufacturing.

ケーサニー ・バイウット (ジャック)


Songkarn Janyang

Songkarn Janyang (Karn)

Khan is the leader of soap production team. She is also the mother of two children and that delights in beauty of nature. She cooks wild plants harvested from the workshop garden for lunch, and also uses them to make stunningly beautiful flower arrangements. Her actions speak of the many rich experiences and authentic knowledge rooted in the wisdom of northern Thailand traditions. Karn is a deeply patient woman who also has ability to take action and execute her wishes. Her greatest strength is the ability to turn routine work into a joyous occasion of learning and discovery.

ソンクラーン・ジャンヤーン (カーン)


Sipan Chumjai

Sipan Chumjai (Noi)

While Noi is a younger member of our team, she is a leader of the cream production team. She is a quiet woman with laser focus. Sometimes it seems as if she resonates with her surroundings. Her persistent curiosity is always engaged. She scrutinizes the quality of the flowers, herbs, hand woven cloths and vessels in the workshop, constantly devising ways to improve our products. Her constant experimentation and bold ideas are an essential component for the production of our beautiful packaging.

シーパン・チュムジャイ (ノイ)


Kornnika Yabal

Kornnika Yabal (Bhum) / Manager

Bhum is a veteran member of our team that has been participating since we started making soap back in 2003. She is now responsible for our company's accounting. Her meticulous personality and attention to detail is invaluable to our operation. However, when she leaves the desk and calculator behind, she loves flowers, nature, Chiangmai's history and culture.

コンニーカー・ヤバーン (ブム)


Jiro Ohashi

Jiro Ohashi / CEO

Jiro came to Thailand in 2013 and founded sal Laboratories Co., Ltd in Chiangmai in 2014. eavam begin manufacturing products in 2015. Has nearly two decades of experience working as a graphic designer, editor, planner, and as a writer. He also has experience working as a disc jockey, video jockey, and a magazine publisher and also worked at a mental health clinic.


編集者/ディレクター。90年代半ばよりグラフィックデザイン、コンテンポラリーアートを中心に、商業誌から書籍、展覧会、インディペンデントメディアまで、編集、企画、執筆等を行う。DJ、VJ、雑誌発行、精神科病院スタッフ等を経て2013年渡タイ。2014年チェンマイにてsal Laboratories Co.,Ltd.設立。翌2015年オリジナルブランド『eavam』をスタート。

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Corporate profile

company name 会社名 sal Laboratories Co.,Ltd.
head office 住所 286 Moo 8, T. NongHarn, A. Sansai, ChiangMai 50290 Thailand
operational started 設立 2014
representative 代表 Jiro Ohashi
capital 資本金 5,000,000 THB
employees 社員数 7