our cosmetics

We make products that take advantage
of natural materials that are friendly to the body.


our cosmetics

We make products that take advantage
of natural materials that are friendly to the body.


We make products that employ natural materials that work together with the body instead of against it.

Located in beautiful Chiangmai, which is known as the northern rose of Thailand, we make cosmetics sourced from natural materials.
The role and the meaning of our products are slightly different from what is normally called makeup and cosmetics.
We take very seriously the effect and texture that our products have but we draw a sharp line of distinction from those who place too much emphasis on anti-aging and whitening effects.

Beautiful armor

Let’s take a look at the area where we use cosmetics. The thing that makes us who we are, that which sets us apart from everyone else; is our skin. Our face, scalp, lips, neck, décolleté, hands, fingers, nails etc. are all part of the same organ. Even though these individual areas of our body have unique names, there is no clear delineation between where when one ends and the next begins.
Our entire body is encased in a dynamic protective layer we call skin. Your skin consists of countless cells and interacts with the rest of your body to keep you healthy and to protect you from the outside world. It’s our living armor, that which allows us to be beautiful and to explore our world.

The self-rejuvenating feature of our skin symbolizes the natural cycle of life. New cells are constantly being born beneath the surface, ready to replace the layers above as they grow old and slough from our body. The skin is a very special part of our body. It is the only part of our body that we can watch the cycle of our life by just simply looking into the mirror.

The meaning of makeup

We distinguish ourselves from others through the choices that we make.
These choices are also reflected by how we treat our skin.
The Japanese word for makeup is 化粧 which literally means ‘change what you put on.’ This view of cosmetics tells the story of how we can change ourselves and how others see us by deciding what face to show the world.

Our eavam products will not only satisfy your five senses but also allow you to realize the benefits of harmonizing with nature.

Our Goals

To respect and learn from the wisdom that has been passed on to us from generation to generation. We believe in respecting this accumulated knowledge, while also adding our unique experiences to it, so that the next generation can benefit from our collective history. Our mission is to make products that stand the test of time.

Our dedication to balance extends beyond the cosmetics that we produce. We adhere to a forward-thinking fair-trade philosophy that respects the personal dignity of our staff, producers, and craftspeople.

We have the deepest respect for cultures that seek to harmonize with their surroundings. They provide a profound inspiration to us as we continue to make both nature-friendly and skin-friendly products through the use of natural materials and traditional methods.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is that cosmetics should make your skin healthier while making you more beautiful. When you wear our products, we hope that you will feel the special satisfaction of knowing that you are wearing generations of wisdom on your skin.